‘Future Imperfect Continuous’ at Arlington Arts Center

April 4, 2017

Future Imperfect Continuous
Grizzly Grizzly at Arlington Arts Center
3550 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA
April 8-June 11, 2017
Opening Reception: April 8, 6-9PM

Future Imperfect Continuous features work by the members of Philadelphia-based collective Grizzly Grizzly. The works range from painting and drawing to sculpture and new media.

This show reflects a subtle interest in time – whether it be the irrational histories that capture the imagination of Amy Hicks or the frozen, dark, and deeply ambiguous moments depicted in Cindy Stockton Moore’s wall drawings. Ephraim Russell and Michael Konrad make objects that suggest a purpose that is ultimately rendered useless – whether it’s Russell’s cardboard box forms or Konrad’s facsimiles of construction materials and mundane objects.

Josh Weiss’ densely packed compositions suggest an otherworldly, science-fiction landscape, but the paintings only allude to narrative and representation and then resist it. Talia Greene’s sepia-toned drawings offer up a not-so-distant future where our technologies are abandoned in their obsolescence to become an archeology of useless artifacts.

Future Imperfect Continuous is inflected with a dark and an unsteady relationship with time and tense. The artists imagine our present as a future, place seemingly familiar objects and narratives into unfamiliar times and spaces, and examine historic visions for the future.

For this exhibition, I collaborated with Cindy Stockton Moore to create a piece titled Variance, consisting of a new sculptural installation of my DIYvek in collaboration with a wall drawing by Cindy.

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‘Listening In’ at Abington Art Center

September 18, 2014

Listening In: Philly Artists Speak
A Group Show at Abington Arts Center, curated by Grizzly Grizzly
515 Meetinghouse Rd, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania
October 10-December 7, 2014
Opening Reception: October 10, 6-10PM

Featuring: Jaime Alvarez, Ruth Scott Blackson, Astrid Bucio, Mark Campbell, Brian Dennis, Anda Dubinskis, Amze Emmons, Jacob Feige, Julianna Foster, Sarah Gamble, Bill Gerhard, Rubens Ghenov, Talia Greene, Chris Hartshorne, Michael Konrad, Drew Leshko, Alexis Nutini, Tim Portlock, Anne Schaefer, Anne Seidman, Mary Smull, Cindy Stockton Moore, Josh Weiss and Linda Yun.

Artist-run gallery Grizzly Grizzly draws on the wealth of artists in the Greater Philadelphia Area to put our members’ work in context.  In the multi-disciplinary exhibition Listening In: Philly Artists Speak, Grizzly Grizzly members curate one another in separate gallery spaces at the Abington Art Center, working with local artists outside of our immediate group of collaborators.

Since members’ works are never shown in our 319 N 11th Street gallery space, Grizzly Grizzly’s practices have until now had a binary division: either we are curating other artists in our space or showing our own work together in another space (until now, only in other cities).  Listening In uses Grizzly’s idiosyncratic curatorial model, but instead reflects that process onto its own members.

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Writing Lessons at Butter Projects, Detroit

September 9, 2014


I’m pleased to announce that I will be participating in Writing Lessons, a group exhibition curated by Grizzly Grizzly at Butter Projects. The show is the first part of an exchange exhibition between Butter Projects in Detroit and the Philadelphia based Grizzly Grizzly collective.

Writing Lessons features works both by members of Grizzly Grizzly and artists who have exhibited with Grizzly Grizzly in the past; it includes work on paper, painting, sculpture, audio, and video.

ARTISTS: Ruth Scott Blackson, Casey Droege, Talia Greene, Michael Konrad, Cindy Stockton Moore, Mary Smull, Mike Richison, Christopher Powell, Josh Weiss, and Margo Wolowiec.

BUTTER projects
814 West 11 Mile, Royal Oak, MI, 48067
Opening Reception: Friday, October 3, 7-11pm
On view October 3 through November 7, 2014
Fridays 1-5pm, Saturdays 1-3pm & by appointment.

Press release and full details at Butter Projects website

This exhibition is part of and exchange between Grizzly Grizzly and Butter Projects, who will be exhibiting in Philadelphia December 5, 2014 –Saturday, January 31, 2015.

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Mural at Spruce Street Harbor Park

June 26, 2014

rusted pier mural

I am pleased to present my new mural for the newly created Spruce Street Harbor Park at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia, on view throughout summer 2014.* The park’s summer program consists of a series of murals on the inside and outside of shipping containers arranged within the park, as well as a boardwalk, urban beach, hammock garden, and a pop-up bar, restaurant, and open air craft market. The murals were curated by Art Star gallery. For more information about the Spruce Street Harbor Park, including event dates and open hours, please visit the Delaware River Waterfront website.


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Hamilton Hall Public Art Initiative at UArts

January 11, 2014


I am pleased to announce that I have two sculptures on view at The University of the Arts’ Public Art Initiative. The artworks, Real Estate and a brand new version of DIYvek, are featured prominently on Broad Street at UArts’ Hamilton Hall until March 2, 2014.

Hamilton Hall Public Art Initiative
The University of the Arts
320 South Broad St. (at Pine St.)
On view: January 15 – March 2, 2014

From the press release:

The University of the Arts is pleased to present two new works by artist Michael Konrad as part of the Hamilton Hall Public Art Initiative. The two sculptures, titled “DIYvek” and “Real Estate”, explore the rapidly changing built environment of Philadelphia.

On the north platform, “DIYvek” takes the form of a building facade whose form echoes that of many newly built residential developments in Philadelphia. The facade is deliberately left unfinished, constructed from 2x4s and OSB sheathing. However, one critical detail differs from typical construction: A protruding segment of the facade is wrapped in a material that resembles DuPont’s Tyvek HomeWrap, which is typically used to seal buildings against the elements. On closer examination, the material is actually Konrad’s own creation, crafted by the artist from discarded plastic bags. Konrad uses this subtly handmade material to highlight the unsustainable nature of our contemporary building practices and to suggest a more autonomous, handmade approach to the built environment.

On the south platform, “Real Estate” emulates the signs often set up on Philadelphia’s vacant lots, hinting at new development to come. Instead of a slick computer rendering of a new building, the sign board displays a photograph of four abandoned and decaying row houses. As such, the work questions the tradeoff we make between rehabilitating an old building as opposed to tearing it down and replacing it with something new.


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CITYWIDE: Grizzly Grizzly at Rebekah Templeton

October 31, 2013


In conjunction with CITYWIDE, a collective exhibition of artist-run spaces in Philadelphia, I will be exhibiting work along with the other members of Grizzly Grizzly at Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art.

Ruth Scott Blackson, Michael Konrad, Jacque Liu, Mary Smull, Cindy Stockton Moore, and Josh Weiss

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 14, 2013, 6 – 9 pm

Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art
173 Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19123
On view November 1 – 30, 2013

Every so often, the members of Grizzly Grizzly have the opportunity to show our own work together in another space. This is always an exciting opportunity, but we, as members of a curatorial collective, struggle with the context of these group exhibitions.  Do we show together only because we curate together?  Should we have an overarching conceptual agenda?  How will we make the work not look like a faculty show?  One of the things that makes Grizzly Grizzly’s programming exciting is that our membership is diverse and not limited to one aesthetic or agenda; that makes for a challenge when organizing shows of our own work.

For our CITYWIDE exhibition, we decided to use two strategies we employ for our curatorial work – the studio visit and unexpected pairings of artists – and focus them inward.  We’ve visited one another in the studio to get to know more about the practices we’re engaged in and draw connections between ourselves through what and how we make.  From these visits each member returned to their own studio, working in response to the other members’ work or way of making.  Pairings emerged from the process, as the six artist members of Grizzly Grizzly sought the strongest content, process, or conceptual links – still, other connections beyond the pairings persist.  The end result is a collaborative effort, a collection of objects that reflect the inner workings that make up the Grizzly Grizzly collective.

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Mural Dedication at Philadelphia Sculpture Gym

August 13, 2013

Invisible Avenue: An Exploration in Color

Invisible Avenue: An Exploration in Color
Brad Carney and Michael Konrad

I recently completed a mural project with Brad Carney for the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym, in collaboration with my students from the Mural Arts Program’s Art Education department. A dedication ceremony was held on Friday, August 9, and the mural is now on public view in the side lot of the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym at 1834 Frankford Ave.

For more information and images of the finished mural, please visit my portfolio page.

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Speak Speak: Jason Varone and Michael Konrad

May 21, 2013

A conversation between Jason Varone and myself regarding Jason’s exhibition at Grizzly Grizzly has been published on Grizzly’s Speak Speak blog. I’ve uploaded a short segment below – visit Speak Speak for the full conversation.

Jason Varone & Michael Konrad in front of Jason's wall painting.

Jason Varone & Michael Konrad
in front of Jason’s wall painting at Grizzly Grizzly.

Michael Konrad: I’ve known you and your work since 2000 and have seen it progress over the years. Let’s start with your installation at Grizzly right now – “It Isn’t Always Going to Be This Great” –
you merge various elements that you’ve used in previous pieces to create an entirely new installation: smoke plumes, falling/dying animals, appropriated war video, streaming news headlines, and the soundtrack.

Jason Varone: Yes, this installation is consistent with several of my recent site-specific works, with a couple of key differences:
I used sound, more specifically music, for the first time in almost a decade. And I’ve introduced color in the cartoon-like plumes of smoke that I have been painting on walls for a few years now.

To read the rest of our conversation, visit Grizzly Grizzly’s Speak Speak blog.

To view photos of the exhibition ‘It Isn’t Always Going to Be This Great’ and find out more about Jason’s work, please visit Grizzly Grizzly’s website.

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Curated: Jason Varone for Grizzly Grizzly, May 2013

April 25, 2013


Grizzly Grizzly is pleased to present ”It Isn’t Always Going to Be This Great” featuring a new, site-specific installation by Jason Varone for May 2013.  In this multi-media project for Grizzly Grizzly, the Brooklyn-based artist combines wall drawings of smoke plumes with a projected animation of animals falling from the sky. Simultaneously, a black & white video of explosions from aerial drone attacks is intermittently decorated with washes of color over a sublime, melodramatic soundtrack.

Varone refers to his work as ‘videopainting’ – an intersection of static drawing with moving images as a new way of painting for the Information Age. His work is rooted in both landscape and technology, treating the landscape not as a vista to be rendered by the artist, but rather as a physical representation of the unseen data flowing through it. Appropriated video from news footage and electronic communications are projected through space and merged with symbols of the landscape rendered in paint, making associations between the complexity of technological advancement and the destruction of the natural landscape. The invisible data of the ethereal landscape, brought to light through Varone’s video projections, reveal an underlying narrative of malevolence quickly escalating towards disaster.

About the Artist:  A graduate of New York University, Varone lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. His artwork has been exhibited in many venues including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Boston Center for the Arts, The British Film Institute, The International Center of Photography and Art in General in New York City.

“It Isn’t Always Going to Be This Great” — Jason Varone
Curated by Michael Konrad
Opens:  Friday, May 3rd and runs through June 1, 2013
Grizzly Grizzly, 319 North 11th Street, 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA
Hours: Saturday and Sundays, 2-6PM


Grizzly Grizzly is a project space in Philadelphia, PA.  Since 2009, Grizzly Grizzly has programmed monthly exhibitions, screenings and performances.  The gallery is currently under the direction of artists Michael Konrad, Jacque Liu, Ruth Scott, Mary Smull, Cindy Stockton-Moore and Josh Weiss. 

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The Traffic Cone Occasional

April 17, 2013

I’m pleased to announce that I am participating in the Traffic Cone Occassional, a multi-media group exhibition curated by Erik Sanner and Peter Emerick featuring traffic cones as subject, muse and medium. Exhibition details below:

The Traffic Cone Occasional
April 21 – April 27, 2013
Opening reception: Sunday, April 21st, 3pm-5pm
Closing reception: Saturday, April 27th, 6pm-8pm

April 28 – May 4, 2013
Closing reception: Saturday, May 4th, 6pm-8pm

55 Norfolk Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

with works by
Tom Macintyre (Newton, MA)
Yiannis Nomikos (Greece)
Frank Kwiatkowski (Denver, CO)
Tim Thyzel (USA/Germany)
Amanda Buonocore (New York)
Peter Emerick (New York)
Michael Konrad (Philadelphia, PA)
Zaun Lee (New York)
Erik Sanner (New York/Wellesley, MA)
Mary Conrad (SF, California)
Sunny Sealeopard (Vancouver, Canada)
Adrian Pratt (New Zealand)

For more information, please visit the Mobius website.

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Knight Arts reviews Mixed Media exhibit at PSG

April 10, 2013

Sky Cone, 2012

Chip Schwartz of Knight Arts recently posted a review of the “Process Show: Mixed Media” exhibition at the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym. My piece is highlighted :

Michael Konrad takes the two dimensional world of photography and stretches its limits in his piece “Sky Cone.” Here, the cables of trolleys and possibly power lines cross and zig-zag across a blue sky and some wispy clouds. This sight is more than familiar to drivers and pedestrians in cities around the world, but Konrad takes his representation a step further by pulling these wires right off the page. Instead of ending the photo at the edge of the frame, he continues the paths of these lines with the addition of bungee cords, which serve as a unique and trampoline-like way to mount an otherwise straightforward picture.

Visit the Knight Arts blog for the complete article.

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Process Show: Mixed Media

April 4, 2013

I have a piece on view in the Process Show: Mixed Media at the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym. Details below:

Process Show: MIXED MEDIA
Philadelphia Sculpture Gym
1834 East Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, PA

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, April 5, 6-9 PM
ON VIEW APRIL 5-30, 2013

Featuring artwork by Holiday Campanella, Joshua Coombs, Eleanor Farley, Michael Konrad, Kelly Kozma, Jacque Liu, Amanda McCavour, Jon Miller, Josh Raiffe, George Schwab, Melanie Serkes, and Lawrence Welker.

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